Lately I’ve been doing a lot of world building. It began as a campaign setting for D&D, but I’ve also been outlining a fun story for a novel someday.

I took a break from the writing and brainstorming to focus on some branding for my setting, called Ascension. I had an old logo and some cover images, but they were poorly put together and over sloppy. The setting has evolved a lot since I started working on it, so a makeover was definitely necessary.

The number 7 has a big influence in the Ascension setting, so it seemed obvious to incorporate it into the logo. The letter A is also an obvious choice, so I began doing some sketches of a few shapes made with 7 and A.

7A Sketches

Once I got into illustrator the design came together pretty quickly, and I made the started black and white, grey scale, and color versions of the logo. However, the result was much more sci-fi than I ever intended. It isn’t inherently bad, since the setting of Ascension spans across fantasy and sci-fi genres. But for the sake of the fantasy aspect it needed a touch up.


Original 7A Design


Fantasy Styled

So, I decided to blend some serifs into the composition, making it less geometric and bit more flowy. It still retains the 7A feel and the logo itself is segmented into 7 parts, which works great with the biblical number theme. Next up, put it next to a cool font.

The last part of this is putting together the font with some images and creating the cover image that will be used for branding across social media and the website. I have already built the image, but will reserve that for the reveal of the campaign setting.