Sometimes it is hard to get inspired. If you are looking for a way to take your vision and aspirations and make them into a reality, this is a great start.

Simply take a few minutes to write  down what your ideal day would be like. Try to fill in as many sensory details as you can and remember to only write down what you’d like to happen on that day and leave out everything else.

The idea is to commit to this ideal scenario of yours by taking it out of your head putting it out on the material world. By doing so you are creating a goal to achieve and designing a solution oriented towards your specific goals.

A friend of mine who did this exercise started with a page which turned into three pages and eventually an entire novel and screenplay.

We all need focus, and this exercise is designed to help keep us focused on solving the problems that come between us and our ideal reality.

Remember, focus only on the wanted awesomeness of your ideal day in your ideal world.  Let’s get there.