In my limited free time, between projects and wedding planning, I’ve been putting together some artwork for a Dungeons & Dragons custom setting I’m building. The setting is inspired by sci-fi themes, so I looked to one of my favorite UIs for inspiration: Destiny.

Destiny’s UI was designed by David Cadland and it is my favorite UI in a game. The flat design is clean, minimal, and perfectly organized for use with the analog sticks of console controllers. When setting out to design my own content I decided I wanted to communicate my campaign setting’s sci-fi themes with similar flat design elements. The result is a fairly successful mockup.


Although overall a successful exercise, the format and styling was ultimately too sci-fi, so I opted to change the color and background to give it a more traditional fantasy feel.

I’m still not thrilled about the colors, and will probably end up making further modifications once the content is finalized. In the meantime, this has been a very fun project working in a style I haven’t had much experience with until now.