Gaming Website

Websites are interesting to design because unlike graphics websites are interactive. Incorporating design principles and maximizing usability with those principles is a great challenge. With a website design comes content creation and search engine optimization, which are equally as challenging.

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Digital Art + Design

Infograph Resume

Digital art and design is a huge passion of mine because it can communicate across barriers of all kinds. I like using logical design principles such as focal points, asymmetric balance, and alignment to create compositions that look pretty.

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3D Modeling + Game Design

Son of Fire early build screenshot

Son of Fire early build screenshot

Modeling and game development have been hobbies of mine since I studied them in college. Creating worlds and their inhabitants is a ton of fun and also a great creative outlet.

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Beach Reach

Beach Reach

I enjoy the exercise of applying design techniques  of composition to the outside world and then capturing it on camera. Most of the time it is natural landscapes and entities, they make great models.

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