Son of Fire Demo – 2013

Originally designed as an adventure plat-former proof of concept, Son of Fire is a first person survival game about defending your territory, the Valley of Fire, from the threat of strange imperialistic machines.

The Cave: A Platonic Simulation – 2011

The Cave was an academic exercise for my senior project as Cal State Monterey Bay. It is a first-person simulator based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave that uses popular shooter game mechanics to demonstrate self-reflecting themes of consumerism and the obsession of material goods. Success will depend on the your ability to decipher advertisements and labeling of items to determine those that offer value or detriment to personal wellness.

Built in Unity. It was designed, modeled, and coded by me. Music by EVA Beats.

Kill House – 2010

“For centuries a war has been waged between the light and dark chess pieces. The conflict has found it’s way into American homes. Now, here, in the Kill House, the victor will be decided. Check Mate!”

Kill House was made as a project in a 3D animation and video editing. It was built in Maya and edited with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. Music by Marty O’Donnell.

Other Modeling Endeavors