If you want to catch a fish, you need to have a boat. When it comes to marketing, your website is your boat. From your boat you can cast out your fishing lines with social media, blogs, and other content. But first thing’s first, you need a website.

Nerd Sourced


A gaming site providing insight into video and table top games through multiple mediums, provide satire on video game culture, industry, and media.

Features a premium blog with custom styling and support for multiple social media integration and multimedia tools.

Kropff Law

Company website for the Law Offices of James B. Kropff. Features include listing of services, links to reported decisions for enhanced SEO and credibility, and bio of attorneys.

Ascension RPG

A website built to advertise and display a custom setting for the popular Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Features a freemium WordPress theme customized to match the aesthetic of the game setting. Includes product information and features.

Foodie Network 727

Food hobbyist website built for the popular St. Petersburg based Facebook group, Foodies Network 727. Features a live feed of the Facebook group’s activity.

Game Loadout

Game Loadout (now retired) was based on the increasingly popular RPG mechanics of contemporary video games. The site is designed to be a hub for players to create, find, and share the content of their favorite games.

Featured loadout “profiles” built for social ranking and review.